AFI Centrifuge – Performance line


Only SIRENA, with its offbeat look, its extraordinary display contrast and its touch screen, will be able to transport you to the future. To infinity and beyond!

Only SIRENA, by its blue OK, will confirm that your sample is under control: cold, speed, are respected. Only SIRENA by its green or red circles will tell you whether the cycle is running smoothly or not. You will be notified at more than 7 meters.

Only SIRENA with its intuitive flashing symbols will detect the failure and show you the solution.

SIRENA Performance

Only SIRENA with its wide range of rotors (more than 13 angular rotors) will be your ally for all your research: From microbiology to molecular research and biochemistry, it will provide you with the most efficient solution.

Only SIRENA with its latest-generation engine and acoustic insulation guarantees an exceptionally low noise level, much appreciated by operators on a daily basis.


Maximum capacity

0,6 L

Max Capacity swinging bucket

4 x 150mL : ( Max 4700 Rpm @ 3704 x g)

Max Speed  angular rotors

24 x 2mL  (Max 18 000 Rpm @ 31 514 x g)

Supply voltage

120V +/-10% / 60 Hz | 230V +/-10% / 50 Hz

Total Power Consumed

1100 Kw

Dissipated Heat (en BTUH/h)

3753 BTU/h

Synetic energy

16 000 Joules

Dimensions on bench (hxlxL)

29 x 44x 72 cm

Net weight (excluding rotor)

70 Kg

Poids brut (rotor & buckets included)

80 Kg

Maximum sound level

-54 dB (A)