MultiLab centrifuge 3 to 4 Liters. Routine Line


With its large capacity (200 tubes 5/7mL) and high speeds, LOREENA brings you remarkable qualities for the routine processing of your samples. Safe, simple and comfortable operation on a daily basis.

Blood bank application, start with your Loreena. Thanks to the RX 750 and the oval studied buckets, you can centrifuge 8 blood bags of 450 mL. A perfect separation of plasma,buffy coat and red cells.

LOREENA is also equipped with the ClickSpin flexibility system. It allows you to change applications without using tools.

Characteristics of LOREENA

Very compact and with a small footprint LOREENA will help you to save space in your laboratory.

The floor machines have a suitable height for a comfortable use. By design, a front foot passage allows an approach as close as possible to the tank, thus minimizing back curvatures during sample loading/ unloading

LOREENA, multilab centrifuge

The refrigerated centrifuge LOREENA is equipped with the best flexibility system, CLICK SPIN, to facilitate the change of application without tools.




Maximum capacity

4 L

Max capacity swinging buckets

4 x 1000mL (Max 4600 Rpm @ 4731 x g)

Max speed angular rotors

30 x 2 mL  (Max 16 000 Rpm @ 28 335 x g)

Supply voltage

120V +/-10% / 60 Hz | 230V +/-10% / 50 Hz

Total Power Consumed

1000/ 1700Watts

Dissipated Heat (in BTUH/h)

3413/ 5801 BTU/h

Synetic  Energy

30 000/ 32 000/32000 Joules


V=36 x 50 x 65 cm
R bench top = 35 x 77 x 64 cm
R Floor= 83 x 57 x 68 cm

Net weight (excluding rotor)

82/ 145/170  Kg

Poids brut (rotor & buckets included)

97/160/185 Kg

Maximum sound level

< 57 dB (A)