Made in France laboratory equipment


AFI centrifuges of French design and manufacture, based in Château-Gontier in FRANCE, have been designed to meet the needs and the requirements of clinical analysis and biomedical research laboratories.

Offering a variety of different rotors and accessories, the user will have all solutions for the separation and preparation of samples available, whether from blood sampling in basic biological research, medical, pharmaceutical or cell culture.

Available in ventilated, refrigerated version, the AFI centrifuges are designed to be used with all tubes, flasks and bottles available on the market, as well as for preparations of samples on microplates.

The AFI centrifuges range covers the different Clinical, Industry & Research market.

MultiLab centrifuges Made in France


More than 20 years of experience!

In 2009, following the closure of the THERMO FISHER site in Château-Gontier, Philippe LE GUYADER and Mickaël OLIVIER joined forces to create AFI Centrifuge.

For many years, they had held a position of responsibility within the company JOUAN, which became THERMO FISHER in 2007.

It is in Château-Gontier, in the west of FRANCE, that they decided to set up their company, which is largely based on their 20 years of experience in the field of biomedical engineering, electronics and electromechanics.

They can also count on the long experience of former employees who are following them in this new adventure. With a high-performance R&D department, a sales team available and ready to travel around the world, a customer service team that listens to customers and a productive and qualitative production team, AFI now offers you a wide range of versatile and innovative centrifuges.

Made in France - Sold internationally

Today, AFI proves that French industry exists, is innovative and efficient, not only on French territory but also on the international scene! As proof of AFI's expertise and competence, the company's customers are not only located in France but also around the world. In a short time, AFI Centrifuge has acquired an international dimension.

Key figures

- Already more than 40 distributors worldwide trust us.

- 2.7 Million € turnover, 80 % achieved internationally

- 20 employees


Certifications to enhance our expertise

For AFI Centrifuge, quality is a priority. Our manufacturing, integration and assembly processes include strict control phases. But we wanted to take our commitment to our customers one step further. We have obtained certifications that enhance our expertise and the quality of our work and guarantee that we are constantly striving to improve our performance and processes.



  • The recovery and decontamination of end-of-life equipment

AFI Centrifuge undertakes to take back any laboratory equipment that is no longer working and to replace it with new equipment.An entire dismantling process for this equipment is planned to ensure total respect for the environment:

- Decontamination

- Gas and oil recovery

- Separation of electronic, mechanical and plastics components

  • Biodegradable packaging

Whether for centrifuges, their accessories, or to ship or deliver kits, we have a solution for you. AFI Centrifuge's packaging is designed to be bio-degradable and environmentally friendly. This commitment even extends to the material used for packing inside the packages! We use elements made of corn that will decompose by themselves.

  • Offices that integrate perfectly into their environment

We are located in a business zone that has only low-energy buildings (BBC). These vast, spacious and bright premises are an extension of AFI Centrifuge's commitment to the environment.