The Equipement : Simple & versatile

Special features of AFI Centrifuge equipments


AFI equipment evolves at the same time as your applications: they bring you the versatility to switch easily from one application to another.

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Configuration choices

The versatility of our equipment, including the swingout rotor, allows you to mix the accessories according to your needs:

High-performance speed

Swing-out rotor : 5 350 x g max

Microplate rotor : 6 072 x g max

Angular rotor : 30 980 x g max


angular &

microplate rotors

Clickspin™ system

All rotors are equipped with the exclusive Clickspin™ system, allowing you to quickly and easily change the rotor.

Quick-change applications

Change the rotor very easily and quickly thanks to the simplicity of the Clickspin™ system.

No tools required

Turn and pull: your rotor is removed and changed without tools and without effort.

Automatic recognition of the rotor

Detection takes from 2 to 10 seconds, depending on the type of rotor.

There is no possible error in the choice of the parameters for the preparation of your samples.

Align the rotor on the drive, insert and twist to

« Click »

The rotor is correctly installed, and can now be safely used


Secure & Intuitive

Intelligent and secure control center

The control center is the heart of the centrifuge: the touchscreen and all electronic components containing the user's data are integrated.

Data traceability

Recording of information: history, programs, number of cycles, errors…

Sample protection

Double password protection is possible on programs and on the opening of the centrifuge.

Quick and easy data recovery

The immediate restoration of data is possible through the transfer of the electronic system of one to another.

Preventive maintenance

The centrifuge notifies the user of the need to lubricate the system.

0 maintenance

1 Visual alarm of end of cycle

10 minutes to change the control center and recover its data.

Intuitive control panel

The combination of a touch screen and a start/stop button allows you to program and use the centrifuge very easily, without risk of error or loss of data.

Touch screen

Very simple to use, with or without gloves, it allows a fast user adoption.

User-friendly interface

A set of explicit icons guides the user in the daily use of the machine. It also allows a quick access to menus and information.

Quick program change

Memorise up to 100 different centrifugation programs:

time, speed, FCR, temperature, acceleration, deceleration…

1 START/STOP button

3 screen colors

100 Programs

Work at the right temperature

AFI centrifuges assists the user in the temperature management of his samples.

Maximum 37°

The performance of the ventilation system on the ventilated model ensures a temperature below 37 ° C in the centrifuge.

4 ° C at any speed, for any accessory

On the refrigerated model, the power of the refrigeration system ensures a temperature of 4°C with any accessory at any speed (select quick pre-cool or pre-cool programs). The treatment of your temperature sensitive samples is


< 5 mn: Bowl at 4°C

20 mn:

Pre heating bowl

Accessories at 20°


Cooling bowl & accessories at 4°C

Optimize the repeatability of centrifugation

Our centrifuges are fitted with the Power Factor Correction (PFC) system. It maximizes the power of the centrifuge and allows perfect centrifugation in repeatability.

Worldwide Electrical Compatibility

The PFC automatically corrects voltage and current differences from the supply. In the event of a significant variation in your electrical network, the voltage supply remains constant in components, which maximizes the lifetime of centrifuge components.

100% guaranteed results

The PFC automatically provides a constant and uniform voltage to the centrifuge drive, allowing perfect centrifugation repeatability.The user enjoys constant quality in separations and a high reliability of the results.


Protection & Performance

Reinforced steel wall

Fully integrated with the design of the centrifuge, the steel wall has an 8 mm thick safety barrier. The centrifuge meets reduction of footprint on the workspace with optimization of the safety of the user.

Imbalance detection

The centrifuge detects unbalance and stops automatically if the load is not balanced.

The user can manually set imbalance tolerance levels.

Motorized closure lid

An automatic locking mechanism allows users to open and close the centrifuge lid effortlessly. It guarantees the safety of the user during the centrifugation…

Ergonomic closing of buckets

With ergonomic lids, buckets are completely sealed, guaranteeing certified biocontainment*

Hinge-mounted and equipped with a single catch, it is easy to open and to disassemble it.

*available 2nd semester 2020

Silent centrifuges

Attention has been paid to the reduction of noise and vibrations during the centrifugations.

Automatic disinfection and drying cycle

Centrifuges are equipped with an automatic disinfection and drying cycle.

This ensures the efficient daily cleaning of the stainless steel bowl.

A real timesaver for the user.