MultiLab Centrifuge 1 L to 2.5 L - Routine Line


French product design with their AFI style. You won’t be able to not recognize them Pretty make the difference.

Very compact (96 tubes 5-7 mL). Monobloc design makes centrifuges very compact and will help you save space in your laboratory.

Characteristics of our LISA centrifuge

You will also be amazed by this ultra-quiet and interactive centrifuge. With its large touch screen and icons, LISA will help you get familiar with the machine. A real pleasure of simplicity.

The refrigerated centrifuge LISA is equipped with the best flexibility system, CLICK SPIN, to facilitate the change of application without tools.

Thus, you will switch from a clinical application to a research application in one click



Maximum capacity

2,5 L

Max capacity swinging buckets

4 x 625mL : (Max 5816 x g@ 5100 Rpm)

Max Speed Angular  rotor

24 x 2 mL (Max 31 514 x g @ 18 000 Rpm)

Supply voltage

230V +/-10% / 50 Hz

Total Power Consumed

900 / 2000 Watts

Dissipated Heat (en BTUH/h)

3071 BTU/h / 6824 BTU/h

Synetic energy

25 000/ 32 000 Joules


(Hx Wx D) 

V= 34 x 46x 56 cm
R = 32 x 68x 58 cm

Net weight (excluding rotor):

71 / 110kg

Poids brut (rotor & buckets included)

87/ 126 Kg

Maximum sound level

< 55 dB Max